Care Tips

Unlike your other pieces in your wardrobe, we don’t recommend you to throw in your lingerie in the washing machine, especially not Chantelle’s Soft Stretch series. Now I know what you think, life can get busy, and it should be fine if I use one of those lingerie bags, and put it on a cold and gentle wash, right? WRONG! Chantelle’s Soft Stretch panties are strictly hand wash only. On the bright side, hand washing your lingerie takes 5 minutes, and you always have 5 minutes.

The symbols are your guide, in the case of Chantelle’s Soft Stretch Panties, there is no recommendation to the water temperature, but there are some other restrictions.

  • Do not bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron 
  • Do not dry clean

While hand washing your lingerie, do take care to not twist and tug at the fabric too much as it might damage the elastic. Another thing that might shorten your lingerie’s lifetime is using harsh detergents. Last but not the least, air dry your lingerie. Think of it as saving the world through using less energy. We recommend hanging them indoors with little to no sun exposure as exposing it to the sun will result to faded colours. You’re welcome.

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Care Tips