Why Chantelle Soft Stretch?

We in CASA get this question a lot. How does Chantelle’s Soft Stretch compare to other stretchy underwear made by other brands? Why should we, as customers, buy Chantelle Soft Stretch, when there are a lot of other brands out there that looks similar to SS for a fraction of the price? In this article we will discuss all the strong suits that SS have over other brands so that by the time you finish reading this, you will head straight to check out! 


Firstly, SS is stretchier than other brands' panties, as SS accommodates sizes S-XL in one size (regular size), and 1XL-4XL in another (plus size). Suiting a total of 8 sizes into just 2 sizes. 

This makes shopping easier as it lowers the risk of shopping for a wrong size, even for first time shoppers YAY!


Secondly, SS gently hugs and supports all your beautiful curves so you will never have visible panties line showing through your tight fitting clothes. That means no more thongs that ride up your butt crack, hence less UTI (yes, thongs and g strings increase the risk for contracting UTI). Making it the perfect underwear for any occasion and outfits, from the gym to the dance floor, from leggings to body con dresses. 


Last but not the least, it is made with top quality materials, and this comes with multiple strong suits. Let’s start with the colors, SS comes out with new, refreshing colors every season and the colors do not wash away easily nor will it rub off to your jeans. This means that you will have more panty and bra colour combination, isn’t that exciting? Next, still related to the look of it, is the opacity. SS does not become transparent over time or when stretched, so you can keep your modesty. Lastly, and I guarantee you this, by the time you open the package, your fingertips will instantly fall in love with the smoothness of it. When you are ready to wear it, it will feel like slipping on a cloud because it is so breathable and comfortable. 


Now what are you waiting for? Go Shop!

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